Rock Garden – A Visit

Rock Garden Waterfall Statues of Rock Garden


Rock Garden has always been a prime attraction of and for Chandigarh.  And why not? Where will you find statues, sculptures, art, and creativity spread over 40 acres made purely from discarded and waste materials such as bone china crockery, ceramics, floor tiles, broken glass bangles, earthen pots, electrical sockets, waste gravel, and more.  Nowhere else in the world this type of work exists at this scale.  (more…)


Tourist in Chandigarh – The Home Town

Fountain, Tourist in Chandigarh Rock Garden, Tourist in Chandigarh


Every thought how much do you know about your city? Are you well aware of your city as its resident?  Or you actually know the city well? Been a tourist in Chandigarh?  Before moving out of my hometown for studies and work, I spent first 21 years of my life in Chandigarh.  Then I thought I knew everything about it.  What was there to know? Handful of cinema halls which were running since decades.  One posh market place, one less posh, and two bargain markets.  Plus few standard eating places which would close down by 11PM.  (more…)


How my travels started

The Road, Travels Started

The Road

I have been travelling for some time, initially, within my province of Punjab, India, then road trip in the northern plains, and then South East Asia.  But this is not how / when I started travelling.  Prior to this, ignoring my business travel, my travel as a kid was negligible limited to my village, and couple of other towns.  This actually became sort of a ritual every year.  Summer vacations one trip and winter vacations another to another place.  Travels started for me when I was told to spend 15 – 20 days on road in a month.  25 if required.



Anandpur Sahib – City of Bliss

DSC_1574 Virasat e Khalsa

Less than 85km north of Chandigarh, it is a detour of ~35km on way to Amritsar.  Anandpur Sahib is a small town but one of the most sacred towns for Sikhs, closely linked with Sikh history and Gurus.  It is also known as City of Bliss.  One should go here for two things – pay your respects at the gurdwara and visit the newly built Virasat e Khalsa – Heritage of Sikhs Museum.  It is a museum on Sikh history, built to celebrate 500 years of Sikhism / Sikh History.  The history has been told in pictorial form with audio guide providing the background and connecting details of the artwork.  (more…)