About Avi

Boulevard Browser is about Avi’s travel journeys.  Avi got tired of analyzing businesses and making growth plans, and decided to take a break and enjoy life and live life.  And now he is hoping and thinking how to make this break last longer.  Forever.

He is using this break to do things and activities which he has not done before. He started this break by learning sketching and french language before hoping on his Bullt 500cc (Royal Enfield) because he had nothing to do :D.  During his travels, he has done many firsts for himself such as bungee jumping, trekking to 10,000ft, scuba diving without learning swimming, rock climbing, months long road trip and traveling to unknown and strange countries for many.  However he still has not seen a volcano, even higher mountains, watching crazy pink and orange sky sunsets, more higher and bigger waterfalls, white sand beaches, hot springs, and old cities and countries and are on to-be covered list. 

He has seen the northern plains of India on bike, parts of rest of India like other travelers.  North East India, road trip from North to West and South India is firmly on his mind.  Outside India, he has loved fish and chips with beer of UK, the moving statues 😉 and culture / people of Spain.  Rock climbing and cycling in Laos.  Pagodas and hospitals of Thailand.  It seems I have not understood my relationship with Thailand yet.  Two visits to Thailand, and two trips to hospitals.  But I must say, both time I came back feeling better, happier, and confident as I was in safe hands both the time.  Bokoro Casino in Cambodia.  Not a bad place to try your luck to finance your trips.  It financed my three days stay in Kampot.  And mountains, coastline, beaches, scuba diving, caving, kayaking, museums, boulevards, food, coffee, and people of Vietnam.  Yes, I can reach Vietnam tomorrow morning to guide you through your trip.  I love Vietnam. 😀

While traveling, he has ticked of many items from his to-do list.  Apart from the above mentioned, he has re-kindled his interest in reading, learning long pending photography, has become shameless in opening his tripod, asking people to move aside due to insensitivity of some, and clicking irrespective of crowd around, survived without internet, and experienced different cultures.  As he spends more time on photography he goes one step further away from having his photography blog.  But one day Avi will.

During travels, Avi likes to explore the live of people in his neighborhood, how they live, what they value, and what they like to eat and where.  He loves museums, historical buildings and old architecture.  You will rarely find him in a bar / disc though he could be giving you company on the stairs of hostel with a bottle in hand.

Lastly, a caveat, he trusts his memory for reliving and re-picturing that beautiful scene or monument which should have been captured on camera but he just spent looking at it in awe.  Photos taken may not capture best moments / scenes.  Hope to see you in one of the streets or hostel / hotel of the world soon.