Anandpur Sahib – City of Bliss

DSC_1574 Virasat e Khalsa

Less than 85km north of Chandigarh, it is a detour of ~35km on way to Amritsar.  Anandpur Sahib is a small town but one of the most sacred towns for Sikhs, closely linked with Sikh history and Gurus.  It is also known as City of Bliss.  One should go here for two things – pay your respects at the gurdwara and visit the newly built Virasat e Khalsa – Heritage of Sikhs Museum.  It is a museum on Sikh history, built to celebrate 500 years of Sikhism / Sikh History.  The history has been told in pictorial form with audio guide providing the background and connecting details of the artwork.  It is a must see for the art work done.  The way of storytelling is unique, if not unparalleled and definitely unexpected.  After the visit, one may be left wishing if there was more to see.  Hope the government adds more to expansive campus, making it a good half day visit.  Budget two / twoand half hours for worshipping at the Gurudwara and seeing the Virasat e Khalsa.

Make Anandpur Sahib a must visit if you are visiting this region in March.  Be on lookout for dates of Holla Mohalla.  Dates fluctuate but are always in March.  It is a three day festival where traditional Sikh martial art at display through mock fights and you can see the warriors in their traditional dresses.  Like in another fete anywhere, expect traditional food, market stalls of clothes and traditional items, souvenirs, and since you are in India – crowd and crowd, and more crowds, and much more.  Tentative dates till 2020 are as follows:


Festival Dates

2016 March 24th – 26th
2017 March 13th – 15th
2018 March 2nd – 4th
2019 March 21st – 23rd
2020 March 10th – 12th