Meditation – Vipassana

Meditation – the art of thinking or rather art of thinking objectively.  This is what I know of meditation – to think deeply, to the bottom most layer without emotions, without being an affected or vested party.

If you are in SE Asia and trying to understand Buddhism, you would hear about meditation and its importance to and according to the monks.  There are various techniques of meditation, and Vipassana is one of them, especially in Burma / Myanmar.  If you wish to learn this technique then Myanmar is an excellent place or any one of the centers of  (more…)


The Art of Packing Lite in 15mins

Packing tips – which always attract attention no matter what.  And here is another article on it.  Hope you will find it relevant and practical as I write basis my own experience and iterations.

As Bill Gates once said, I will prefer to have a lazy guy on the job rather than the smart guy as lazy guy will find the least effort solution.  And I am the lazy guy here for packing.  I don’t like packing, and my stuff is usually spread out at home.  Everywhere except in almirah. (more…)