Travel Destinations

Welcome to the Travel Destinations page.  Here you can find and read about the general background and details of a country or city along with what to do and where.  Specific regions of a country can be explored further by clicking the states / provinces or cities highlighted on the page.


The country page addresses common questions which a first time traveler may have about the country.  Apart from the background of the country, standard details which have been included are:

  1. Detailed climate / weather of the country
  2. Quick Look is a small one pager giving overview of the country
  3. Key Facts including geographic size, population, currency, food options, transport modes will be listed
  4. Dos & Donts list finer daily life details which you should be observing to have a trouble-free great time
  5. Scam Alert page lists popular scams which tourists of the country face.  


Followed by country page is the region page.  This has been included for only big and complex countries such India to enable you to understand location of popular cities and group them by weather and cultural similarities.  These regions are mutually exclusive and collective exhaustive.  Where countries are small or homogeneous, this page has not been included, and you will directly see list of cities.  


In the city page, you can read about points of interest, their location, along with how to reach this city and travel within the city.  Note on accommodation / hotel regions and restaurants has also been included.


You can start reading and exploring different countries by clicking on the links below.  You can also alternatively navigate by placing your mouse over Travel Destinations on the main menu.  Follow the drop down options to read about individual regions / cities.  Currently India and South East Asia link will work (have not completed this even yet!).  Will update on Europe in shortly. 


Hope to add more countries and regions of the world regularly 😀