Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh (MP) meaning Middle (Madhya) State (Pradesh) is the central part of India.   Bordering with Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in the north, Madhya Pradesh is the main part of Hindi speaking belt.  It is a large province, signified by the concentrated and thinly populated geography.  Do not be surprised to see no indication of life for several kilometers after exiting a town.  As the Deccan Plateau starts from south of Madhya Pradesh, land tends to get rocky in the central / southern half of the state making already hot and dry state, even more hotter eg. Khajuraho.  Madhya Pradesh, apart from the history, is blessed with unexplored natural beauty, and national reserves / parks.  Madhya Pradesh is best explored by road in interiors, outside the main cities.  Main cities act as hubs / base camps.


Weather of Madhya Pradesh is dry and hot.  Winters are coldish, with minimum staying around 10 degree Celsius.  In summers, temperature usually crosses 45 degree Celsius with hot breeze blowing in afternoon.  Monsoon / Rainy season is from July to September, with August as peak month.

Summer: April to July. Temperatures tend to stay close to 45 degree Celsius during daytime with no rains
Monsoon / Rains: July to September. Temperature tends to remain below 40 degree Celsius, with high humidity.  Rains are expected every second day in August. Showers can be sporadic lasting for couple of hours at the beginning and end of the season, while in August you can have prolonged showers.

Autum: End September to November. Temperatures cool down to little above 30 degrees with low humidity.  2nd half of October and November have pleasant days and cool nights.

Winters: December – January. Day temperatures remain around 20 degrees.  Due to fog, trains are likely to get delayed, however, fog is sporadic, and does not remain for extended period of time.

Spring: February to March.  Relatively short period lasting only few weeks of day temperatures hovering around 30 degree Celsius, before summer sets in.  In 2nd half of March, temperatures hover around 35 degree Celsius.


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