Courtyard of Jahangir Palace, Orchha

Courtyard of Jahangir Palace, Orchha


Small town of less than 10,000 people, visit Orchha enroute to Khajurao from Gwalior.  Given its size, do not expect much beyond the necessities and some comforts. However there are plenty of restaurants and hotels to cater to the tourists even with a luxury hotel.  Visit here only to see old / ancient fort and palaces and appreciate Hindu architecture.  Orchha is a good option for finding home stay in villages around it which are rural of rural places in India.  Expect minimal electricity and comforts in villages around.  Orchha can also be covered as day trip from Gwalior / Jhansi if you do not want to break your journey to Khajuraho.

Attractions of Orchha:

  • Fort
  • Temple
  • River Bank  


Many guesthouses exist in the town but they are basic / budget but comfortable. One luxury hotel operates inside the Jahangir Mahal / Fort, and is a good option to stay.


Many restaurants and street-side joints operate in the town. During off season, some close down due to lack of business. However, do not be surprised to find few non-Indian dishes being served.

Reaching Orchha / Connectivity:

Orcha can be reached from well paved road of Jhansi and Datia. Given its small size, it does not have an airport or railway station.  Personal conveyance will be the best mode to travel with, else auto-ricksaw drop should be available from Jhansi railway station / bus-stand.  Option of reaching through bus from Gwalior / Jhansi is also available but it is not recommended due to quality of buses and lack of reliability / speed.

Moving Around:

Town is small enough to walk and explore. There are plenty of shortcuts and thorough-fares in temples and other places to reduce the distances.  By using vehicle, distance will only increase.  Plus they will not be able to drop you right at the entrance / gate.  Hence walking is much easier and better way to explore. Plus quietness and wilderness are best explored on foot 😉

Tourism Website:  MP Tourism


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