Fatehgarh Sahib (Sanghol)

Site No. 11


~45km west of Chandigarh, it can be combined with Patiala to make a good day long trip. Fatehgarh means ‘Town of Victory’ as important battle was won here. Go here to pay respects, and see the massive and beautiful gurdwara along with Sanghol (18km ahead), where you can find relics of ancient Buddhist Monastery sites (1st and 2nd Century) and Harappan civilization artifacts museum. Writings from 7th century of Chinese traveler have been found along with rich Buddhists settlements dating back to 1st and 2nd Century.   The Archaeological Museum displays majority of 117 artifacts excavated from here.

When on Chandigarh – Ludhiana highway, museum will be on left (entry gate is on the inside road) on a crossing, with Lords School on right. Site No. 11 is also on the highway, about a kilometer ahead of museum. Be on lookout for below board under tree after ~40km from Chandigarh for the museum.


Museum Board