Uttar Pradesh

The Hindi heartland, more rural than urban.  It is famous for Agra (Taj Mahal) and Varanasi.  It is one of the less developed states of India hence apart from these two places it is left unexplored.  But there are atleast two more to be explored.  Weather is extreme summers and cold winters with monsoons in July & August.

Uttar Pradesh is very religious state hence examples of temples and other revered or holy sites can be easily seen on the way.  Varanasi is prime example of this, and so is Sangam in Allahabad.  Apart from these, Lucknow, capital city, and Agra, are best examples of Islamic architecture.  Lucknow is also famous for Awadhi cuisine and some of the best kebabs can be tried and appreciated here.  If you intent to go to Nepal, then you will have to cross Lucknow, with overnight trip to Gorakhpur.  From Gorakhpur a short bus journey will deliver you to Nepal border.

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