A small obscure town at best. For a tourist, it lies in middle of now where. However, if you are exploring northern plains of India on road, esp motorcycle, then it is a good night stop. Chitrakoot lies on the border of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh provinces, present in both provinces, separated by River Ganga. By crossing the river, you can exit Chitrakoot of Uttar Pradesh, and enter Chitrakoot of Madhya Pradesh or vice versa 😀

This town is of immense importance wrt religion, history, culture, and archaeology but does not looks like while visiting it. You can see all there is to see in about 3 hours flat. After checking-in in a hotel on UP side of the town, walk towards the River Ganga through the narrow lanes for about 20mins to see the Sheesh temple (Temple of Mirrors). Stroll around for few minutes to get a feel of slow, under developed town not concerned with the pace of 21st century. Come back and hitch a ride for ~5km or so to go to the mountain and see the main temple. This is the place where Lord Rama had spent ~11.5yrs in exile. And now you have seen the town. If you have a day to spare, then there are more nearby sites but again of religious importance which can be explored.


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