South East Asia

South East Asia – The land of Pagodas, floating market, sticky rice, happy water, noodle soup, crowd or chaos – depends how you look at it, and the important one – Land of smiles and happy people.

Countries in South East Asia are so close and similar to each other and yet you can notice the small differences between them making them a different country.  Each country has its own reasons for visiting from pure and beautiful nature in Laos to under-development in Cambodia, to everything in Vietnam and for Thailand – probably to see impact of development.

I have so far visited four countries in this region, my first four as a traveler and not for work.  I have been to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.  Thailand is a work in progress for me, why I will be explaining soon.  I have spent two months in Vietnam and a month and a half in rest of the three.  I have almost loved every bit of it.

Having spent three months in this region in late 2015, I think I will be taking a break from this region before I explore more of it.  I may revisit Thailand again and Singapore sometime in 2016.

I will be updating my blog for SE Asia starting with Thailand.  I will be adding other countries after it, one by one, in sequence of my travels. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

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