Danang – New city new money and it reflects.  It is a modern port city and all steps have been taken to attract tourists to 30km neighbor of Hoi AN, an UNESCO World Heritage site.  Enjoying a long sea cost and river banks, both have been wonderfully developed to give it a perpetual party look.  While sea front is lined with sea food restaurant where you can select your own fish or crab to be cooked, river front is the party place.  Connected with four bridges river front enjoys tremendous amount of neon and lights.  Apart from the decorated hotel towers, each bridge has been designed and lighted up in its own unique way.  Star attraction is the Dragon Bridge not only due its size and design, but also because it spits fire in the weekend evenings at 9PM.

Places of Interest:

Bridge:  Danang has four bridges on the river front which need to be seen at night / after dark.  All differently designed and wonderfully light, they are amazing photo opportunity at night.


View of Bridge from Bridge, Danang

Dragon Bridge:  The most popular among the four due to its size and design, it is also a key tourist spot for locals and not so locals on the weekend evenings.  The mythical Dragon actually spits fire on Saturday and Sundays at 9PM


Dragon Bridge, Danang

Cham Museum:  One of the important and prosperous dynasty and era in the history of Vietnam.  This museum is dedicated to the art and architecture of Cham dynasty.  Sculptures dug up are in very good condition and showcases the architecture design and style of Cham era.


Lady Buddha:  Right at the corner of town, this is not a walk able place unless you are on a strict evening walk.  Located on high grounds on the sea shore, about 10km from the dragon bridge, it is quickly reached on taxi.  Buses also go here, but there can be waiting time for the right bus.  It is one of the tallest statues in the world if not the tallest.  At 67m, it is almost double of Jesus Christ statue in Rio De Janerio, and 1.5times of Statue of Liberty in New York.  White with extremely white marble, it is amazingly beautiful statue.  There few other temples around it and even more small statues of Buddha in different poses.


Statue of Lady Buddha


Marble Mountains:  Located on Limestone Mountains, on outskirts of Danang, near casinos, it is another attraction of Danang.  You can either find your way up from stairs or take an elevator.  It has few temples in it, built in open or inside couple of caves.  Views from the top of mountains can be interesting.


Statues in Pagoda, Marble Mountain, Danang

Reaching Danang:

Danang has good connectivity through road, rail, and air.  You can reach from any mode.  Railway station is located about 4km from the river banks and so is the airport.  Buses will usually drop you somewhere along the river bank.

Moving Around:

If you are staying in Danang, then you can rent a moto-bike to move around esp to go to marble mountains and lady Buddha statue or hire an expensive taxi.


Best place to stay is at riverfront or close to riverfront.  Few luxury hotels are right on the bank of the river offering marvelous views of the city night lights, while some are on the outskirts, near marble mountains, esp those offering casino services.  Being a business city, option for hostels and dorm beds is very limited in Danang.

Eating and Food:

Plenty of options are available from cafes to restaurants to fine dining along the river banks.  Sea food is best eaten on restaurants facing sea shore if you are in a large group (4+).